Tirta Gangga Park

Tirta Gangga Water Palace Karangasem Bali

Tirta Gangga Park is a beautiful heritage sites with water fountain set on the park surrounded by the large ponds. It is set on the foot of hill with big water flows to the fountain and it was to be the mascot of this site.

This park is one of the heritage sites of Karangasem Empire where formerly used for bathing place for the Karangasem King’s Family. It is featured by the good temperature with fresh tropical atmosphere that is ideally for relaxation.

Tirta Gangga is a beautiful park with the huge water fountain and wide pond located at Abang Sub-district, Karangasem Regency in east part of Bali. Tirta Gangga Park is built in the year of 1948 by the Karangasem King of Anak Agung Agung Angluerah Ketut Karangasem.

Before this park is found, there is big wellspring found in this area which the local society believe that this water come from the land is holy spring therefore they call this place is Embukan means wellspring. According to the local believe that this wellspring functioning as a bath place for the god and also used as drinking water for the local community from the nearest village.

Therefore this wellspring is sacrificed by local people and keeps the park naturally. The King of Karangasem has got an idea to improve this park into a good looking and nowadays, it becomes one of the famous tourist destinations in east part of Bali.

A Magical Wellspring in East of Bali

Tirta Gangga Park is also featured by the wide public pool with the cool and clean water where it can be used by everyone who visiting this place. It is situated on the foot Abang Hill with cool temperature in particular night time or morning time.

The lush tropical garden are well surround the park and big fish ponds are running away at another ponds to give the impression for every tourist who pay a visit to this beautiful park.

Some buildings and other decorations are intentionally made as according to the spirit from Puri Agung Karangasem (Agung Karangasem Palace), so it can be said that between Tirta Gangga Park and Sukasada Park (Taman Sukasada) which is located at Ujung countryside is a union.

There are 3 different dragons type in Hindu Community beliefs such as; Ananta Boga Dragon (as the name of Ananta means; never ending, and Boga means; Food),so literally meaning of ananta boga is talking about Rice as become Main food of Bali and Indonesia in general), so this is what a kind of heritage concepts in Bali.

The phylosophy of Ananta Boga is strongly related from the agriculture area of Bali, dominantly live on ricefarmings, and some other parts instruments in Balinese life. From this concepts also comes the water irrigation system, which is called Subak, the organisation in (Bali) Hindu community controlling the water irrigation for rice farming.

The only one museum in Bali about Subak we can find by visiting Tabanan Regency, and from the center of Tabanan City into Subak Museum about 500 Meters on foot.And from Tanah Lot – Monkey Forest Temple to Museum about 14 Kilometers to north side passed Kediri district.- Basuki Dragon (Word of Basuki / Basukih / Basukiar means; Save in Live).

By the name of Basuki is similar to the name of the Biggiest and the Largest Temple, that is Besakih Bali Mother Temple (Means Holy or Sacred).- Taksaka Dragon (are defined as extra ordinary power is a combination from the various potentials that peaked causing tremendous charm).

While in the second yard, there’s a swimming pool, often used by tourists now to swiming and enjoying the coolness of the crystal clear water pond. The third yards as a Resting place.To supports the objects movement, this time around the area there are few small guesthouse or inn, restaurants, and small cafe who sell foods or beverages.

And up to now there are many tourists going to Tirta Gangga – Bali Water garden Palace, especially for those who loves to see the beautiful countryside commonly when they taking tours to Karangasem – East Bali Tour, and on the last stop they will go here.

How to Find Tirta Gangga?

Tirta Gangga is strategically located beside of the main strait from Karangasem to Singaraja Town and it is just 20 minutes from the local town or 2 hours and 15 minutes from Denpasar Town.

You may also join the exciting tour to the east part of Bali that we call it by Karangasem Tour and you will discover many places of interest in east part of Bali including Tirta Gangga.

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