Banjar Hot Spring Water, North Bali

As said, Banjar’s hot springs are located just outside the village; they’re up a side road to your left. The road follows a stream until the valley narrows and a big car park lies in front of you. As it’s heavily touristed, it’s no surprise to find that beyond the car park is a street lined with tourist knick knack shops.

At the end of the street is a motorcycle parking place and an entrance gate (where you pay the small entrance fee) which leads over the now narrow stream to the soak site proper. On the other side of the bridge you pass a 5 by 2 m open water tank with three water spouts dropping water from 3 m height as a sort of water massage.

Besides this, there are two main water tanks, one emanating hotter water, one which overflows from the previous pool. Opposite the entry, is a restaurant perched high above the pools which also incorporates changing facilities. Below the pools is the fast flowing river, above are a few temples.

What makes these hot springs stand out are the tasteful way they have been built. A certain sense of historicness is evident as all improvements have been made by local bricks and stone work. There’s little regarding the exact history of the site. But the neatly sculptured Naga (serpent) spouts could well point to quite some time ago. Other aspects are the local popularity, not for sightseeing but for really soaking.

Naturally the low entry price is part of this. And probably the long existence of such a facility has meant it’s a common thing to do for locals especially as it’s not too far away from a busy market village. And it has possible spiritual value. In Bali water is cleansing much more than in other societies. Quite often temples are built around springs and major temples dot the shores of Bali.

Banjar Hot Water is a nature hot wellspring from the ground and it is believed can heal the disease. Its water is accommodated at one small swimming pool encircled by unique rural nature, its situation close to the Wihara (Buda Temple). Banjar Hot Water is located in Banjar Countryside, Banjar sub district and Singaraja Regency. It is about 1,5 Km from Banjar or 24 Km from Singaraja Town.

To reach the Hot Water location in Banjar, we can use the motor vehicle through the main road with good condition and passing the Balinese Village with unique culture life. The nearest accommodations like hotels or lodging including restaurants are also available in particular at Lovina Beach area. There are many public transportation also available to connect the travel to Singaraja town.

Hot Water History

This hot wellspring source is predictably built since of hundreds of year ago and since the Japanese colonize the Indonesia, this place has developed into three pools to relocate the water for taking a bath.

The Japanese had also developed its military officer resort close to this area. Having bathing in the heat water containing the brimstone, it will be able to heal the skin disease. This public bath which is built by Japanese now is exploited by public society.

Beside of that, now this place is opened for tourist who can use this bathing place to swim in hot pool and also enjoy the water fall. Enjoying the hot water fall, we can feel like squeezing, especially at pool equipped by the douche with the high about 3,5 meters, so that can make the body refresh and relaxation.

Banjar Hot Water, Places to Visit in North Bali

Hot water in Banjar is progressively recognized to be a place of interest in north of Bali or a tourist destination in Singaraja Bali. Now this place visited by many tourist from local and Foreign countries.

It is a mini tourism object which is easily reached from Lovina Beach and it is opened daily from 07.00 am until 18.00 pm daily except Nyepi Day (Silent Day). From Singaraja Town, take the way to Gilimanuk or to the west part of Singaraja and we will meet the Banjar Countryside which is show the direction sigh of this hotel water place.

How to visit Banjar Hot Water?

It is an easy way to reach this place from south part of Bali or other regions in the island. It will take 3 hours drive from Bali’s International Airport and we recommend you to join Singaraja Lovina Tour for more comfortable journey and this tour also visit other places of interest in north part of Bali.

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