Denpasar: The Capital City

Denpasar city is the capital city of Bali Province in the Republic of Indonesia. Located in the south of Bali, about 14 kms from the Ngurah Rai International Airport, Denpasar actually a small city. In compare with the word of Bali, Ubud, Sanur, Sanur, or Nusadua, the name of ‘Denpasar’ is not so popular in the world of tourism in the world. It could be understood because of the Bali’s tourism is based on arts and culture, and Denpasar is not the barometerfor Bali’s arts and culture. Denpasar is so fast in developing and has a plural society.

This leisurely tour introduces you to all the main attractions of this bustling capital city. At its heart you will find attractive Puputan Square. ‘Puputan’ literally means ‘ending’ as the square lies near where one of Bali’s great palaces once stood. When the Dutch arrived here in 1906, the Balinese people led by the King of Denpasar chose to commit suicide rather than surrender and here nearly 4000 people including the royal family died. The tour then continues to the Bali Museum packed with exhibits from the prehistoric to the 20th Century. Here you can learn about Bali and its fascinating culture and among the many artefacts on display are scale models depicting the ritualistic Balinese tooth filling, marriage and cremation ceremonies. Afterwards, head to Gajah Mada Road where you will encounter the great landmark of the city, the Catur Muka Statue. A depiction of God Brahma, the Catur Muka Statue is a manifestation of God as the Almighty Creator.

Put your ‘haggling skills’ to the test at the ‘pasar’, a traditional market where you will find hand made crafts, local fruits, flowers, fish, chickens and pigs among the many items for sale. Afterwards, a short ride by a traditional ‘Dokar’ horse and cart brings you to the Bali Arts centre for your last visit of the day. This traditional Balinese building houses a permanent exhibition of modern paintings and woodcarvings.

Denpasar is the central control for most economic and business, social, education, governmental, and organization activities in Bali. With its function as the capital city of Bali, Denpasar legally adopted the important and interesting things from all regencies under it to be rebuilt in its area. And it is the central point for the meeting of any elements of its regencies. Now Denpasar is facilitied with modern facilities for all sectors for modern lifestyle. Denpasar has some interesting tourism objects such MuseuTemple, Pasar Kumbasari (Kumbasari Market) and Pasar Badung (Badung Market), Museum Bali, Jagat Natha temple and Bajra Sandi Monument.

The Bali Museum is the most important museum in Bali. It collects thousands art and historical things from the time of prehistory until the beginning of this century. Almost all visitors of Denpasar have a look at this popular museum. Exhibited permanently almost all their collections everyday (except Monday), this museum is located in the central part of Denpasar city, in Jalan Mayor Wisnu. The neighbour of this museum is the Jagadnatha Temple, the biggest temple in Denpasar.

Werdhi Budaya Art Center is the central of art performance. The most popular Bali Art Festival is held in this place every year from Juni – July. All Balinese arts will be performed in this event. Some other provinces in Indonesia is allowed to take a part in this event as a guest. Even some countries have a chance to introduce their own art and culture in this event. The point is friendship for all. This place also has a permanent exhibition in one of its room. Then Kumbasari Market will offer you to buy some souvenirs for your families.You can find it easily with a cheap price. In the east part of the Kumbasari Market is Badung Market. Different from Kumbasari Market, Badung Market is a traditional market. You can find many aspects of native Balinese life’s aspects in this place including cakes, drinks, dishes and so on.

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