Lovina Beach for Dolphin Watching

Every morning during sunrise dozens of dolphins gather around for breakfast just offshore of Lovina beach. The dolphins are one of Lovina’s major attractions and if you are there, you should definitely go and see them…

Throughout the day there are many boatmen in lovina beach looking for people to take on a dolphin tour. You can arrange it with them or at the reception of your hotel. To avoid any hassle, we think it is best to just organize it at one of the many Bali accommodations in Lovina.

There is a dolphin trip Lovina organization who keeps a close watch on the boats leaving every morning. The boats are only allowed to take tourists for the dolphin tour and they have to return immediately once it is finished. So, if you have planned a snorkel tour afterwards, the boat must return to shore first before heading back to sea again.

Lovina Beach is one of the famous places for dolphin watching tours in Bali beside of Nusa Dua. It is blessed by the calm seawater that ideally for dolphin habitat. Dolphin Tours at Lovina Beach is executed in the morning time when the sunrise and using the Balinese traditional boat to explore the blue ocean. The group of dolphins shows their attraction like jumping on the deep of sea. It is an exciting tour to see the cute of dolphin and beautiful panorama of sunrise from the ocean.

Watch the colorful sunrise from the boat…

Anyway at 5.30am Boatman knocked at our hotel door to make sure we were wide awake and ready for some dolphin spotting. At 6am we were pushing his fishing boat into the water and once we all hopped on, we were on our way to see dolphins enjoying their breakfast.

It was a wonderful experience to be on the water so early. The various colours at sunrise made the whole picture mystical. While looking over our shoulders, we could see the mountains slowly being uncovered by the mist. It was an unforgettable sight… Now I understand a little why the Balinese believe that their gods live in the mountains.

There were many other boats waiting as well and I can imagine that it can get pretty crowded during the high season. Our first dolphin encounter came quite unexpectedly. We were just waiting patiently for them when suddenly we saw a fin coming out of the water…and then another. We even saw groups of 3 to 4 dolphins jump so high out of the water that we could see their entire bodies sparkling in the morning sun. It was an amazing feeling to see them swimming close to our boat.

From that moment we were all really pumped up and had our camera’s ready for the perfect shot of the day. Quite useless though, because we were late most of the time and most of our pictures turned out to be splashes of water.

You have to enjoy the moment to the fullest because before you know it the dolphins have disappeared under the surface. This only makes every dolphin encounter more special… During the whole tour boatman was busy scanning the horizon for more schools of dolphins.

Towards the end of the morning it became harder to find them. By that time we were on the water for 2.5 hours which was more than enough for us. We were already satisfied and happy so we returned to Lovina harbor.

Up and early for another dolphin trip Lovina!

There were so many, and even more than our first trip! It seemed as if all the dolphins had gathered around that day to have a huge feeding frenzy in front of our eyes. Everywhere we turned our heads we saw schools of dolphins splashing around together. Some were jumping out of the water simultaniously while others swam close to our boat. We had no idea that there was so many and it was a great return visit. We had a fabulous time that morning and were still excited about our luck when we returned to Lovina harbor. Despite the large number of dolphins, they are still difficult to catch on camera. But we were able to get some of which we are very proud….

Join the crowds and watch the dolphins

A big draw in Lovina is the possibility of watching dolphins in their natural environment. It is a bit of a curiosity really as the relaxed beach atmosphere is arguably more of an asset. Nevertheless, every man and his dog will be able to set you up for some dolphin watching in Lovina. When you’re walking around town, numerous touts will offer you a variety of dolphin watching possibilities.Once a pod of dolphins is spotted, your boat will be competing with others for prime position and it can all seem a bit surreal. If you can ignore the crowds, it’s a pleasant morning on the ocean — even if you luck out and don’t see a dolphin. No word on what the dolphins think of all this — that they keep coming back leaves us wondering if they really are as smart as people say.

There are around 300 spinner and bottlenose dolphins that live off the northern coastline of Bali and come to breakfast in the shallow waters off Lovina.

During this daily spectacle large numbers can be seen playfully jumping out of the water in their small pods. They are at their most active as the sun rises over the hills to the east and the mist lifts over the mountains to the south; a magical backdrop to enhance the whole experience.

We will arrange for you to be picked up from your hotel by a guide and taken to the beach where a small private outrigger will be waiting for you. While it is still dark you will head off into the crystal clear waters with the volcanoes rising majestically behind you. A small packed lunch will be provided while you wait for the dolphins to appear.

If you are lucky the dolphins appear in small pods and jump out of the water amazingly close to your boat. After a couple of hours you will return to shore and be taken back to your hotel for brunch.

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